Life Members



Year of Appointment

Harold Jensen (Dec'd) 1985
Eddie Sam (Dec'd) 1969
Life Members  
Harold McArdle (Dec'd) 1972
Heather Windress (Dec'd) 1979
Norma Tanna (Dec'd) 1984
John Todd 1984
Harold Jensen (Dec'd) 1985
Ted Sam 1990
Ray Flint 1993
Greg Michel 1993
Robyn Black 1998
Dean Gorda 2006
Jane Van Der Weide 2006
Allan Baxter 2008
Ross Leask 2009
Karyn Scanlan 2011
Angela Jeynes 2012
Jason Burns 2015
Joe McGuire 2019
Andrew McGuire 2022
Robert Inwood 2022
Gary Porteous 2023


Sparks Hockey Club are privileged to have loyal members of the community who volunteer for our great club each year.  Accordingly, the Club gives out Life Membership and has a position for a Patron of the Club.  An application is required to be sent to nominating a member of the club by the 30th June of each year.

CLICK HERE - Criteria of Life Membership Application


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